Sustainable Schools Program

The Greater Greenville Sanitation (GGS) Sustainable Schools program was developed to advance sustainable solid waste practices through education.

All programs are designed under the guidance of Greater Greenville Sanitation’s Education Advisory Council (EAC) which is an advisory group made up of educators and sustainability experts throughout Greenville County.

If you are interested in serving on the EAC please feel free to contact us.

Education Advisory Council (EAC)


Advancing sustainable solid waste practices through education.


Advisory board to Greater Greenville Sanitation on matters related to its Sustainable Schools program.


Annual review and recommendations for on-going improvement of existing, as well as new, education programs and initiatives.


GGS Public Affairs & Sustainability Officer
Chuck LaGrange
GGS Educational Media Coordinator
Zach Peterson
GGS Educational Media Associate
Brandon Hunter
County District STEM Representative
Chris Burras

High School
Affiliated Partners